Sunlife insurance is good in denying ltd claims

I’ve been working for a well known institution for almost 19 years and recently went on short term disability.I’ve had a bunch of physical impediments and most of all severe loss of hearing on both left and right ears and wearing 2 hearing aids.I was denied for ltd by sunlife.I believe the company just doesn’t want to pay any one who claims for disability aND their insurance reviews were really bad a lot of people were all frustrated and disgusted with sunlife and not happy and so am I.
What are my options right now.I can’t go back to work because my hearing is very low even I’m wearing my hearing aids.oftentimes people get annoyed and frustrated with me when I can’t hear them talk or say something and when I speak, they say Im loud. What am I supposed to?how can I work when everything I do is not right

Sounds like you should get a free legal consult from ResoluteLegal.
I’m sure someone who works there will respond to you.

My heart goes out to you. Hearing loss is devastating as it isolates the individual socially.
Start seeing your doctor more often and see if you can get a referral to a psychologist/counselor.
Apply for the disability tax credit. Speak to a lawyer for guidance. Maybe contact a support group for deaf/hard of hearing.
Hang in and don’t give up.

You should not have to just accept the insurance company’s decision. You have lots of options to get this decision overturned. You may not need to get a lawyer. If speaking over the phone is an issue, we have an instant messaging service we can user to communicate back and forth.

I just went back to work after a year Sunlife is the worst If i knew then what I know now I never would have paied into LTD for the last 40 yrs. Unless you are in a coma they will make your life a living hell. It is the biggest legalized ponzi scam going. It is dispicable the way they treat you. I wish all the young people wld not pay into it, bank your money, i know easier said than done, but in 30 yrs if u need it u have the money and no harrasment. If u are lucky enough to not need it all the more when u retire.

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I am sorry you went through a hard time. Stick around and pass on any advice of how you would handle a claim if you had to do it over again. I know someone who was in a coma and the Insurer would not issue benefits until the family got a lawyer-because the claimant was in a coma and could not sign the forms.
For real.

Wow but does’t surprise me. My goal is to retire in 2.5 yrs. I won’t be paying another cent into it, i not going to pay a company to put me through hell. I’m surprised in this day and age that someone has not come up with another alternative to LTD. My children have opted out of it after seeing what they did to me, im very proud of them for finding their ow n. Savings alternatives.

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I just retire daughter suggested to appeal but I think it’s a
waste of time.they just don’t want to pay.i don’t want to stress NY life
anymore.its not worth it.

It is your choice to let it go. A lot do. Its hard when you are not well and stress does not help. Maybe first you should speak for a free consult. They count on people walking away-thats why they make it so hard.

How do i get a free consult? I have returned to work but they are just as bad, the 1st week back was horrific. It’s like I’m being punished for being sick. I’m sure they did not want me back but had no choice.

Contact - Resolute Legal Disability Lawyers is the link to call.

Would your Doctor or Doctors support you in not returning to work? Are you on a return to work plan right now? What about applying for CPP-D?
I know how emotional this time is. Do you have a union to call? If you feel you are being discriminated at work you should document that in a journal or note-you may have a human rights claim in the future.
I know its hard to escape all the emotions-but you need to write down what it is that you need to do to either go back on claim or move forward. That may mean going to your Doctors, asking for a referral to a psychologist and such.
Life can be so unfair so you need to write down an action plan to move forward. You are not powerless, even though right now you may feel differently.
Take care.

You can request a free consultation by calling us or filling out the form to request Free Consulation

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Hi lori

Well my doctor has put me back on sick leave for a month. They do this
monthly to show you are going to the doctor.
Now i have no source of income. I asked the insurance co if there were
forms to fill to have the claim reopened and they told me to refer to the
clousure letter. Guess i have to get a report from the doctor and send to
I cannot collect EI as i didn’t work last year and need 600 hrs. So much
for the 3 yrs of hours i have from before all this happened. Can’t go to
wellfare because Technically i still aman employee of the company.
Can’t win for loosing. Any suggestios would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara Quinn.

Yes you would need to do what is required as per the closure letter. That likely means having your Doctor fill out the form again as well as yourself. If you do not have the money for the Doctor to pay for the form be upfront and tell your Doctor that you will pay -it just might take a month or two.

Sun Life forms are here Forms | Workplace Benefits and Retirement Services

If your work made your condition worse and failed to accommodate then you may have a workers comp claim. A long shot, but you could make a claim if your Doctor is aware that going back to work exacerbated your illness or contributed to your decline.

Insurance is a legal contract. Your obligation is to prove you can not work and to take all steps to get better.
If they don’t pay you then ultimately you can sue.

You should immediately send a request for your complete claim file and the Master policy for your group plan -send this request to
You should also inform your employer that your Doctor has taken you off work for a month and you will be sending in your claim forms. Request to review the Master policy from your employer so you know what is required. Do this in writing.
Read the post in this forum Proving to Insurance company I was unfit to work
With your application include the documents I listed if possible. You need to explain why you can’t do your job and have your Doctors support.

For loss of money-use the food bank, welfare is also for those who are disabled-there are ways to qualify for funds.
If you have a mortgage, loan-call the bank as often there are options to skip a payment once a year.
I am not aware of your illness-make sure that your Doctor is making referrals if needed.

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My friend had a stroke and has super service with sunlife.
He was working for a public sector employer so maybe the kind of policy/employer makes the difference.

Hi lori
Thank you so much for the advise. I was originally diagnoised with major
depression and anxiety.
They are going to test now for early onset dementia hard pill to swallow
but would explain a lot of the cognative problems.

Thanks for listening. I will let you know what happens.

Have a great day.

Barbara Quinn

Please do let me know. Life can be so damn hard but just keep showing up, treat yourself kindly…you can manage this.

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