Substantial gainful occupation

Refused CPP disability. CPP says that while I have limitations I can still work part time basis. How would part time be gainful? Thank you.

Part time at minimum wage would be about 11 000 a year ( 20 hours a week)
You should appeal-why not use this site for a free consult?

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I would like a consult but I do not have a phone. Disconnected for
nonpayment. Could not pay

Thank you

Canada Pension Plan Regulations that describes “‘substantially gainful’, in respect of an occupation” as an occupation that provides a salary or wages equal to the maximum annual amount a person could receive as a disability pension.

Since 2014, substantially gainful has been defined by regulation as being the maximum annual amount a person could earn on CPP Disability. For 2016 that amount was $15,490 per year. So basically they are saying you have the capacity to earn $15,000 or more per year working part-time. This is theoretically possible, but would be a challenge for most people unless you have higher level education and ability to earn a high hourly rate working part time. I think you should keep appealing this because this is just a standard thing they say to lots of people. Fill out the free consultation form on our website and our people can communicate you via email.

I have sent a request for appeal and received a letter stating that they would give my doctor 30 days to respond. In the meantime I am living on $168 a month. I have been hospitalized and now my doctor will not renew my prescription for phenobarbital. I really can not take this much longer. I have no $ to eat and am having seizures from the stress. Doctors hours have been cut due to availability and have had to borrow $ from a friend but can’t do that again. What can I do?

welfare tomorrow-food bank or food kitchen today. Or check yourself into a hospital through emergency-look up a crisis line
in your province.