Gainful employment


I know in May 2014, gainful employment was defined for CPP disability. Was there a specific dollar amount defined before this amendment?


Isn’t it if you can make more than the CPPD payments would be.
I don’t know.


It was discussed on the forum previously. Use “search” to find it. There was a specific amount.


After May 29th 2017 there was a specific amount… 12 x monthly benefit… but before hand there was no specific amount or at least i cant find it… if someone had that definition, that would be great, as i fell i have exhausted my search.



That is the article i read which sparked my question… it still doesn’t provide a quantitative answer which is what i am looking for… thanks for trying to help though… Hopefully someone can answer this accordingly


The answer is in this post.


i did request to speak to someone, but was told its better for me to be on this forum. Let me ask the question again as I understand substantially gainfull has been defined in regulation since May 29th 2014… However was there a definition before this date??? this is a very important question… and if someone is able to contact me directly, i can explain why this is an important question… thanks agin


Well, the article says:

Before May 2014, “substantial gainful employment” was determined on a case by case basis, depending on the facts of the case, the persons prior earnings, and interpretation of the presiding judge. This all changed in May 2014 when the government passed a new Regulation.

Looks like there was no definition before May 2014 and gainful employment was determined on a case by case basis.


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Thanks so much.

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Before May 2014 there was no specific dollar amount. It was determined on a case-by-case basis and there were many inconsistencies. In some cases they would try to base gainful income on your previous earnings, in others they would look at other statistical measures, in other cases they would use the max CPP income (which is what has now be legislated). This is why they brought in the specific dollar amount.

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