STD return to work forced

My 9 month old daughter was diagnosed with a terminal illness in April of this year and I’ve been on STD since the end of May - Depression and Anxiety. My claims person with Manulife called me today to let me know that they would like me to return to work. Its confusing to me because my doctor, my counsellor and myself all agree that in no way am I ready to go back to work, and that by doing so I can put myself in an extremely stressful and unsafe situation. I work in finance and making a mistake can have monumental effects to my job and clients. I have refused medication from my doctor (who has offered it to me twice on separate occasions) and have been doing to weekly therapy, hoping that I can work through this and get to a comfortable place to go back to work when the time is right. The claims person said something on the lines that because no changes to my health plan have been made, and that there are no medical reason that support myself continuing on STD they believe that I should return. My doctor had conducted 2 separate questionnaires regarding depression and anxiety and sent the scores to him (supporting that there is still anxiety and depression) which he basically said don’t matter. He said that if I choose to argue this I am welcome to try, but he keeps telling me that I could look into doing critical or compassionate care leave due to the nature of the situation. I feel frustrated that they’re clutching on the fact that my child is dying, so its not a matter of my mental health and more a matter that they don’t want to pay and I should go on a government supported leave instead. My doctor is writing up another letter to him, stating again, that I am still unfit to return to work. I’m frustrated and worried, I’m feeling unsupported and lost. Has anyone ever been through something like this?

Sorry to hear about your daughter.
Lots of people have gone through this.
It is the insurance company’s job to get you back to work even if that is not in your best interests.
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My union told me that they are having issues with the insurer who manages our STD and our LTD that they are being very aggressive with denying STD which they adjudicate but the employer pays out (the insurer of course pays the LTD) for the simple reason it reduces their liability for LTD which is their bottom line down the line so easier to cut or deny somebody at the STD level. Almost every insurer is going to argue you are not following your own doctors orders and not taking the recommended medication. The best advice I can give you is get the prescription for the medication, try the medication (I know nobody likes to medication) and it may or may not help but at least you are doing your part and if your doctor is saying you can’t go to work for A and B and their recommend you take medication to help you with A then you need to follow the instructions and the insurer will look at your case from a different angle that you are doing what is asked to help you get better. We had a coworker who was completely , depressed, stressed and very anxious. Absolutely she should of been approved for STD and LTD but she refused to follow her own doctors orders for a treatment plan that included medication and from the insurers perspective even though she was doing talk therapy they do have every right to deny the case. So don’t give them a reason to deny your case. Very sorry to hear about your daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with you.