Forced back to work

I’ve been on STD from work since Jan/19,due to stress and anxiety from work.
Insurance company talked to me last week and they said stated in our call I do not foresee an extension of benefits being supportable as we have discussed the reasons and barriers for your return at this time.

I do wish you all the best in these coming week and will be calling you [June 12, 2019]to confirm your decision and next steps.
I feel like I’m being forced to quit my job or go back.Work cannot give me a less stressful job right now because they said there is a waiting list of people requesting that.
My doctor sent them a letter requesting a less stressful job due to my anxiety and panic attacks.

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That sucks they are forcing you back to work.

Can they do this even if my doctor provides a letter?

Get a lawyer.

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The insurance company is not working in your favour, they are building information to work against you. Their objective is to beat you down, mentally and financially until you give up.

You should see your doctor, detail everything, then get a psychiatrist if available, or then a psychologist. Detail everything.

I went through three appeals, the maximum, all were denied, even with supporting letters from personal physician and psychologist. Then I decided to sue through a lawyer.

You will end up in the same position most likely.


Which is why I wouldn’t bother and go straight to a lawyer, it is unneeded stress.

True, the insurance company will look to drag you along, then refuse. It is very stressful.

Read a little on how to deal with lawyers and/or the choices you may have, i.e. % of settlement or other.


This would be very stressful. I wish it were different for you.
Are you being forced back because stress and anxiety are thought of as highly treatable/curable problems via psychologists’ treatments?

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Yes,the insurance company thinks I can go back to work,and the case manager mentioned that I should find another job.
She said that I have to think about my next steps,and she extended my benefits til this Friday(the letter was sent to me last Monday.
She also said this:

Further to our discussion last week I have provided you an approval letter of extension of benefits. As stated within the letter you may provide further medical documentation, however as stated in our call I do not foresee an extension being supportable as we have discussed the reasons and barriers for your return at this time.
My employer cannot give me a less stressful job right now as there is a waiting list.

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So your case manager has already prejudged any further medical documentation?
Do you have a psychologist that could write a letter-have you been referred to a psychiatrist?
Does your policy have any return to work or rehabilitation assistance?

Are you in danger of self harm or having dark thoughts? Please share with your Doctor if you are.

Under most STD policies you just have to show you can not do your own occupation.

My heart to you.

good blog by David


That’s right. The insurance companies don’t care about your well being.

Actually, the insurance company wants you off their payroll. They do not care what you do. They want to save their money and make bigger profits.

My case managers told me many times that they wouldn’t extend my benefits. My only reply was: “Ok. Can you say that in writing?” Funny thing they never did any such thing in writing. For some reason they always say that. Probably a lot of people get scared and try to go back to work.

My STD case manager made me send her medical forms every 2 weeks for 6 month. And then she promised that I wouldn’t be approved for LTD. She was so nasty.

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