STD claims and policy procedures


If I am off on an STD claim for 1 illness then attempt to return to work and go off for a different illness can they lump them together under 1 claim?


I am not a lawyer, but the answer lies in your policy. My policy says I need to be back at work for two full weeks and then the claim is new again. Check your policy or ask for a copy from your HR department.


It depends on the wording of the insurance policy and how long you returned to work before the second illness arose. For example, we are dealing with this issue on a case right now and that Insurance Policy says if you go back to work for even 1 day, then you would need to start a new claim if the new illness is 100% unrelated to the illness that caused the first claim. Again, you have to determine this on a case-by-case basis depending on the wording of the LTD policy or plan information.