Std . Can you see a social worker for psychological treatments?

Hi there. I work in healthcare and feeling severe burn out. I went to my family doctor and he has prescribed some medication as well as psychological treatments but did not specify who. I was wondering could I see a license social worker for my psychological treatments?

I’m hoping to apply for STD. Thank you everyone

I would start there.
The SW will recommend a Psychologist.

The worry I had (because I’m paranoid) was if they have to disclose any of the notes to the insurance company.
Mine would only make a subset of notes if legally required to.
Apparently if an insurance company sends you to one of their own anything you say might go back to the insurance company.

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In my past lawsuit I had counselling from a social worker (master degree) who worked in a group of counselors-some psychologists and some social workers. When we needed a report for court and to support my claim, the social worker had the psychologist sit in on an assessment and also sign on the report.

For my spouse I paid the extra to have him see a psychologist as he was at high risk of suicide.

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Hi thanks so much for your response. May I ask how much you paid for each counselling session and if your insurance reimbursed you for those treatments?

I heard getting psychologist is better somehow vs. social worker. might that be true ?

In Manitoba we pay 180 for psychologist-but a social worker is about 50-60. A psychologist is better , but many psychologists works in a group with social workers, so you can see a social worker who is supervised under a psychologist.

My social worker had been qualified as an expert in previous lawsuits-one involving a nun who was sexually abused by a Superior nun. So if their CV is good, then look into a cost-effective route.

Also you can request from your Doctor to be referred to a psychiatrist for back-up and medication review–wait is about 6 months or longer.
That is a really good idea.

I have an excellent employer that pays up to 3000 a year for psychologists–plus an employee assistance plan that covers 6-8 visits.

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You can also request to be referred to a psychologist under your provincial plan-long wait

Good article Mental Illness and Applying for Disability Benefits - Resolute Legal Disability Lawyers

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Thank you Allyoops, that really helps. I am very new to all this and alot of information seems a little bit over whelming with not knowing where to start etc. Thanks again for the info

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When, if you apply for std I also advise to go to the Mayo Clinic website and print off the definition and symptoms for Depression and anxiety disorder–and highlight your symptoms. Also get a job description from work -show your Doctor why you can not do your job right now–then send with your application the job description and reasons why you are unable to do your job. Keep it simple, to the point and accurate.

To get a job description you can also search postings for your position and include.

I paid $120 in Ontario for a social worker and my employer group plan paid 80%.

Thanks this helps, the quote I got from social worker is similar rate.

I found that in my area Social Workers are only about $40 less per hour than Psychologists. Most Psychologists I have spoken to, will adjust the fee ($140) for you if not covered. I only have $500 per year for this coverage. I wish I could take all the coverage forAcupuncture etc and apply it to what I need. LOL. I would recommend a Psychologist as often when you receive requests for updates, they ask for “all doctors you have been treated by”. This is just my experience.

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I found a very good psychologist this year. She just became registered unfortunately her rate (special for me ) is $180/hr. My other psychologist rate is $120/hr. He has a PhD but he is not as good. Not even close. My private insurance covers a whopping $750/year.

$40 for some people is a lot.


This is true, however for $40 extra you have assurance that you are under the care of a doc and insurers like that.

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Yes, As long as they have a Masters in Social Work. I would also suggest you as your insurance company as well. I am a Social Worker

I would chose a psychologist over a social worker. Psychologist words carry more weight.

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