Should I voluntarily send in medical info if my condition has deteriorated?

I’ve been on LTD for over 4 years, recently they sent me an activities/daily form which I suspect will lead to them doing surveillance. My condition the past few months has deteriorated, i am wondering should I send LTD my updated medical record from my specialist even though they haven’t asked for it? My concern is that once they spend on surveillance they will try to cut me off but maybe if they have my updated records they won’t bother with surveillance? I just couldn’t handle having to deal with appeals etc so wondering if I should just send them my medical records voluntarily or wait for them to do surveillance and hope they don’t try to cut me off?

I always send them updated paper work from my medical team. I have found it helps.

If they only contact you yearly I’d send them any pertinent new information attached to the yearly form they send you. If they are still in frequent contact with you then I’d send it to them as soon as you like.

From what I have heard/read surveillance by insurance companies is becoming more rare. Especially since Blue Cross got absolutely hammered for breach of contract by a jury, partly because of the surveillance they thought would win their case totally back fired. Based on how they treated their “customer” I’d never pay blue cross for any type of insurance.

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Ironically you are probably safer with Blue Cross because they will be determined not to screw up the same way again. It really brings home how important it is to tell your story the right way because once doubt creeps into the mind of your claims manager it is very difficult to push it out, even if the doubt is completely unjustified.