Should I keep my insurance company informed as to my medication etc

I read somewhere on the net it is a good idea to keep my insurance informed in writing about my medication changes and the steps I am taking to fully recover.

Over the past two years I have written two letters to my insurance letting them know I want to get better so I hired a second therapist.

This is in addition to the regular phone calls I receive from my Case Worker.

Comments please.

My opinion is that they don’t need to know that.
I’m not going to recover so it may depend on the situation.
I’m sure you’ll get other comments.

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I am a true believer in sending updates and proof of disability. Stack the claim file with documents and reports that support you. When providing an update keep it simple and point form. Understand that any document may in future be reviewed by a judge or lawyer. Be on point.

Medication Pan:
List medication-beside put what for ie heart, pain, anxiety

Mental Health plan
List appointments, psych visits

Pain plan

Then give an overall. Never write in absolutes unless true. Finish by a quick–any questions or concerns please ask.

Attach any medical reports, info…(Please find enclosed…) Any peer reviewed articles on your condition, any exercises given by physio—stack away.


allyoops, Thank you for your feedback. I find it helps me because when they call they ask less less questions.

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