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As per my last post i attempted a RTW in the summer. My provider started reassessing my claim. They previously deemed me to be permanently disabled.

I am no longer able to continue working and in hindsight should not have returned. Now my benefits are in jeopardy.

Anyways, the insurer now is asking for a large form to be filled out and all his notes. My file is now transferred to someone else.

I haven’t gone through the entire form but one question feels like a trap. Im not sure how to fill it out.

“What complications are prolonging your patient’s recovery”

My doctor deems me to be permanently disabled. I suffer from mental health issues. PTSD and so on.

He’s most likely going to put that i am permanently disabled and no further recovery is expected.

It seems like an odd question since they previously deemed me permanently disabled.

I might also be hypersensitive and over thinking this question. This is my 2nd failed return to work. I was really hoping it was going to be different this time. Last time the form for my doctor was also 3 simple questions.

Yeah I would say that you reopened the door to the idea that their might be some hope of a recovery and your doctor will have to slam it shut again. The suggested answer sounds right to me. It sucks to have to go through the assessment again but I sympathize with how tough it is to give up all hope here.

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Hi there. I am sorry to hear you are going through this. I remember your post from a few months ago (RTW and Insurer causing problems - #3 by Caro). I gave you some advice on this and unfortunately it seems I was right. The system is just not setup for this. I give you credit for trying and it’s a shame you’re now being punished for that. I think that question is a tricky one and I agree with just repeating over and over “Pt is permanently disabled. No recovery expected”. I wouldn’t stress too much about it, it won’t help. You were on LTD for 7 years so I am sure they won’t put up too much of a fight. Good luck.

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Yes you were correct. It is too bad RTW are looked at this by insurers. I appreciate both of you responding to both posts.

You did the right thing in trying to return to work. I am a BIG supporter of people on LTD attempting to return to work if they feel they can do so. It is important for you own mental health. It will not always result in the LTD isurer denying a claim if the RTW fails. A good faith attempted RTW will reflect very favourably on you if you get into a situation where you have to appeal a denial or sue the insurance company. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions.

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