Return to work with accomodation


I have been off on Ltd through my employer since Dec 2016 due to profound hearing loss and vertigo. I have recently received a hearing implant and it is amazing! I feel like I am ready to return to work but am still struggling with vertigo. After being assessed by a vertigo clinic they have said the vertigo is due to the length of time I have had it and although the inner ear issue is fixed my brain needs to be “retrained” and I will be starting vestibular training with a physiotherapist shortly
My question is…who do I approach about returning to work while attending physio twice per week? My biggest accommodation would be not driving in snow or rain due to it triggering vertigo and while this was the reason my employer made me go off in the first place, I am hoping with a plan in place they may consider accommodating me for a short period.
I am unsure of who to talk to…work or insurance case manager. Any advise would be appreciated


At this time I would focus on just getting through some treatment and see how that goes. If going well then approach your Doctor about approving a trial back to work and restrictions. Have your Doctor specify it is only a trial. Then approach your work, then Insurer. You want to be in control. It is great that your implant is amazing! However, it may make you overly optimistic and you want to ensure that you are ready.

You don’t want to be overly optimistic with your Insurer just yet as that could come back on you if there are set backs. Be guarded and hope for the best but plan for the worst. I am rooting for you! Congrats on the road to recovery