Recurrent Disability Provision

My doctor has put me back off work after returning to full time work due to the same illness. My employer says that I am still under the recurrent provision of my original ltd claim. My doctor will provide all necessary supporting medical back up. My employer has contacted the insurance company. I am now waiting to hear from the insurance company. What should I expect and what do you advise. Thanks

As a non-lawyer.
You can expect to have your LTD continue as before.
My advice is to do nothing until you hear from the insurance company. :slight_smile:
Good luck.

The recurrence part is a normal part of the process if you attempt to go back to work and can’t. The way it was explained to me was that the insurer pulls your file back off the shelf, looks at where they left off, and sharpens their pencils to see how else they can try to get you back to work. Just make sure everything is up to date with your doctor and you both know what’s going on. In my case, my claim carried on and the only difference was the adjustment made for the amount earned at work while I was there.

Also, try not to get upset with your caseworker when they ask questions like ‘What new treatments do you plan?’ or others that make you think that there is always something else to try. Never forget that you are dealing with a bureaucracy and everything moves slower than a snail in January. Whatever time period you think it should take for them to do something, double it. Just be patient.

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My long term disability is being reinstated due to a recurrence of my illness that has forced me to go back off work. I went through extensive CBT rehab during my initial period of ltd which the insurer made clear that the expected outcome of the therapy was for me to return to work or my benefits would be cut off. I did everything I could to fix myself and get better. I went back to my own occupation with full enthusiasm and effort and high hopes but unfortunately struggled terribly for 5 months. I had no choice but to go back off. I now have a year left of own occupation ltd left. What should I expect from the insurer now? Will I go back on rehab even though my return to work was unsuccessful. What do I say to my case worker when they ask what my plan is to get back to work even though it was a failure the first time? Right now I am continuing to be treated by my doctor, as well as continuing my CBT once per month at my own cost. In addition I began seeing another therapist funded through EAP once per week and I am being supported by a psychiatrist for medication.

If the insurer does cut you off then an unsuccessful return-to-work makes for a more successful law suit.

If your doctors think that is appropriate.

My case manager called me and wants my thoughts on a different occupation. I have about a year left of my own occupation coverage left. I havent given a answer yet. How should I respond to this question?

What do they mean by that? Are they willing to find you a new job?

Is your current employer willing to find you one?

Does your doctor think you can do another job?

It is too early to respond to such a loaded and general question.
I would respond back along the lines of:

I am hoping to one day return to my job. Right now I am just trying to regain my health (or what is relevant to your situation) I feel overwhelmed.

At this time I could not meet any basic job requirements such as following a set work schedule.

It is all right now to much to cope with. I again am hoping to be able to return to my job.

I would make sure you put this in writing so that your case manager does not just put in your file that you refuse to consider other jobs.