Restrictions-limitations-Tolerance What that means


A restriction is put in place when doing an activity puts the individual at risk for further injury or harm
A restriction is something a person can do but should not do because there is a substantial risk of harm.

Note Insurers and their providers will not count increased pain or increased fatigue as a harm

A Limitation is something that you can not absolutely do ie: blind so can not see

Tolerance is often used to describe limitations caused by pain and fatigue----this is where the Insurers love to battle the experts on

If you have a reported intolerance to activities then it becomes an issue of if you have objective medical proof

If you have a reported intolerance to activity based mainly on subjective symptoms then Insurer experts will say that you have a medically unanswerable issue.
This is why credibility, treatment compliance, seeing specialists and such becomes key to staying on benefits