Interpret LTDI exclusion wording

Folks I need some help from you to look at the wording of the LTDI exclusion criteria, my interpretation is that i qualify, although my documented diagnosis (2014) predates my employment start date (2017) by 3 years I have been doing fine for the past 4 years and never been away or on LTDI for this condition or any condition up until now (2021) so first LTDI claim. Here is what the wording of the exclusion is

“Medical conditions which existed and for which you received treatment three months before the effective date of your employment. This limitation does not apply after you have been employed in a permanent or temporary position for two consecutive years and if you are not absent due to your pre‐coverage medical condition(s) when this two‐year period is completed”

Could you please let me know, I need some reassurance if the answer is no then I rather not waste anyone’s time and deal with it whatever options I have left available.

Thanks a bunch!

It is fine since you worked there for 2+ years and have not been off work during those 2 years for the pre-existing medical condition.

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Thank you jammer, much appreciated! :smiley: