Refused for long term disability

Ive been working for a company for the past 8 years under my husbands insurance at sunlife. I was recently diagnosed with lupus. I was denied for ltd because HR said that i apprently signed a refusal paper 8 years ago. But they never asked me or made me sign any paper. We asked for the paper they said they dont have it. So they asked us to sign the refusal paper now. Is that illegal? And how should i proceed? One of my colleagues that has been working for over 4 years now also didnt have the insurance at work she had it with her husband that doesnt work at our company and was never asked to sign a refusal coverage paper. Os this all illegal or they trying to cover up for their mistakes?

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I would talk to a lawyer.

If they can’t produce the paper they claimed you signed then I don’t see how they can base their denial of LTD on that.
Don’t sign anything now.

Just wondering:
The paper was with your company saying you would use your husband’s insurance?
Your LTD claim is with your company’s insurance?
I believe my insurance coordination of benefits with a spouse is on a claim by claim basis.
I signed all sorts of forms related to IP when I was hired.
I guess I was lucky they didn’t sneak in an insurance waiver because I might not have noticed at the time.

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My husband got a family plan with the insurance thinking that i was eligible for ltd. But no one mentioned that you need a seperate policy to be eligible. That is why he never signed or knew anything about a refusal coverage for ltd for a spouse. So now i am financially suffering and i don’t know how to proceed with all this. Also they never offered us the insurance. My husband had to go ask them for the insurance. The company i work for has sunlife insurance. So for them not being professional i am being denied for ltd now. It is their fault and they are covering it up by saying that i have no choise to sign the refusal coverage paper now. I guess of i sign this paper they will use this against me so i never signed the paper.

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HR means human resources of the company your husband works for to me.
You mean the insurance company of your husband that you think should cover you for LTD?

I would definitely be phoning Resolute.

Good luck.

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Yes that’s right the insurance company of my husband.

Thank you

I thought denials for LTD were always from the insurance company, I didn’t know there are some plans administered directly by a company (HR would not be involved in a denial).
Ya, don’t sign anything and contact a lawyer.
Good luck.

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You should seek specific legal advice as this type of situation is very fact specific and you need to be very careful about signing things.

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