Quitting while on LTD

Appreciate any help on quitting one’s job while on LTD.

  1. Can anyone please speak to the legal ramifications of quitting a job while on LTD? I am aware of losing all my LTD benefits once I quit but is there anything else I need to be aware of and prepare in advance before I submit my letter of resignation.

  2. Does anyone also know about how much notice I would need to give? Is it still the customary 2 weeks despite the fact I am currently on LTD so would it even matter?

  3. Can I look for another job while on LTD? It will definitely be a job that differs from my current job as my doctor is unsure medically if I can ever return to my old job.

  4. Is there anything I need from my doctor throughout this quitting process before the end of my LTD?

Thank you!!!

Why are you quitting?
As long as you are medically supported by your healthcare providers, your LTD should continue.

1 If you quit your job, you would lose all employment benefits and not receive any employment severance. An LTD claim that is currently active does NOT get terminated - it exists until your benefits expire or you are no longer disabled.

However. Why quit? There is no reason to give up your other employment benefits just because you are coming to the end of the LTD insurance. Also if you do think that you may be able to return to work in some capacity your employer will have a duty to accommodate you up to the point of undue burden. You will lose that protection if you quit. If you don’t think they will be able to accommodate you, it still makes sense to keep your job so that there is less of a gap on your resume - it’s usually easier to find a job while still employed.

If you do decide to quit, it would just be the same issues as when you quit any job - use up any benefits you have, get prescriptions filled, new eyeglasses, submit any claims, that kind of thing. And if any of your benefits are portable think about whether you want to keep them. And get copies of any personal documents that you need your log-in for and remove any personal belongings.

  1. The notice is usually to allow the employer some time to replace you. It wouldn’t matter if you are not working but they might need some time to run through their off-boarding procedures like cancelling log-ins and access cards, figure out what company property is in your possession, cancel your benefits.

I don’t know about #3 or 4.

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