Private Own Occupation Canada Life Disability Insurance



awesome website. I’m a mortgage broker from Vancouver who has been life licensed since 2000. It’s only in the last year that I’ve started to focus on disability insurance for my clients.

The two groups of people that I’m focusing on :

  1. Successful business owners
  2. High income employees

In 50% of the cases, I can get my client “own occupation” clauses, the rest “regular occupation”.

How often do you see cases come up based on private insurance.

From the forum it seems the real issues come up after 2 year when the definition of disability changes to “any occupation”.

Is it 10 to 1 or 20 to 1?

What problems come up with the most expensive private disability policies available?



I’m guessing the people that come here are mostly people with employment group policies which usually have any occupation after 2 years.
I don’t think the most expensive private policies have “any occupation” clauses after 2 years so I doubt people with those policies have any problems.
I’m guessing “regular occupation” is the same as “own occupation” so they would have the same likelihood of a problem based on area of the country, medical documentation, insurance company, mood of caseworker, the weather, time when the caseworker reads the file, etc.
David may have stats but it doesn’t seem like there is any pattern.