Power of Attorney compensation and LTD and CPPD

Hi there.

I have been told I am eligible to get Power of Attorney for Property compensation. If I accept this, Will I need to report this to LTD and CPP-D if it is over 15K? Will this impact my eligibilitiy for LTD and CPP-D? will they lower my payments or kick me off DI ?

I do not know what to do.
Thank you for any help or guidance you can provide.

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Are you power of attorney for someone?
I have no idea if that is considered “able to work” or what the max you can earn while on CPPD is.
I’d be more concerned about LTD than CPP-D.

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I am interested in answer to ‘PoA query’; as I am holding such, pre-LTD, for both my elderly, very fit, mother and out of country sister. I have no actual obligation or significant work until “something” happens.

I would need extensive assistance to carry out anything other than basic banking, bill payments, etc…

I can problem solve, with considerable effort and time, however my resilience is ultra low and I am easily overwhelmed, which can take an enormous recovery time; the cost of which is sometimes barely worth the investment of energy…

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So you get paid for being on “standby”?
I would think that is ok because you’re not working.

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Thank you for helping me understand the question more clearly. I receive zero compensation for current or future PoA duties.

Please accept my apologies. Thank you

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It’s like volunteering when you do do it but until then it is irrelevant IMO. :slight_smile: