I am currently on CPPD and LTD. I just applied for PWD for a top up. I want to be able to go back to work without it affects my disability payment amount. On CPPD I can only make about $500 per month but my LTD will take what I earn so I’d essentially be working for nothing. On PWD I can make about $1300 a month. If accepted for PWD can I go off of CPPD and my LTD and just recieve full amount of PWD so I can earn more myself?

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Hi. Are you saying that the benefits from PWD of about $15K annually + the amount you can earn from working of about $15K … totalling $30K is the highest income option to you? How much is your LTD payment? I “think” if you are eligible for CPP-D, then PWD will make you get that, and then pay you the difference between PWD and CPP-D. It should still work okay for you because on CPP-D you can earn up to $16K per year. You can earn $500 per month or $6K annually without “informing” CPP-D, but you can earn up to $16K annually, they just want to know about it. I am curious if your LTD provider will keep paying you if you work part time somewhere maybe doing a lower level job that you may have the ability to do.