Permanent medica injurey,?

fell at work octocer 2017,been off since have a tare in rotator cuff ,had surgery in march 2018 but when they went in it was full of frozen shoulder , they cut that out now they wont fix tare,they say it will have to be made worse to repair it,…ive been at therapy since the fall 5 days a week for the most part, nothing changed in my arm have no strength without pain very limited movement and some nerve damage causees great burning feeling,my friend suggested a permanent medica injurey,my question is does anyone have any advice or insight into how i go about getting a { p m i } or if i qualify??? any help people will be appreiciated ty.

I think you should apply for CPP-D after reading the guides here.
Before you do that, talk to your doctor because you’ll need their support.
If they are willing to fill out the forms and they think it is a good idea then go for it.
CPP-D is technically “any” job but it really isn’t “any” job.
Read the FAQs and try to answer all the questions they might think of (eg. writing/taking notes causes severe pain, dressing is painful, etc.). Document a typical day (write a story on separate paper).
Best of luck.

thanks jammer i have applied well passed my 120 days just heard from nurse theyre requesting future plans for me from wcb and my shoulder surgeon b4 a decision is to b made

That sounds promising. :slight_smile:

If your off from work and you went off on STD then after a few months .Then after you get put on LTD, then youll be paid more.Usaully once your on LTD from work CCPD will automatically be called in .It saves insurance companys moneybig time CCP-D pays around a little under half of what you make up to the max Then your insurance company pays the balance .So dont worry about CPP-D they will be called in sooner or later .if you paid your preimiums yourself ltd its also tax free. Look into that and when CCP-D gets in all retro will go to your insurace company we pay tax .That brings me too the CPPD disabilty tax credit look into that as well Then get a medical trillium after a yr your company cuts you off unless its comp?. Hope it helps a little

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