Workers comp denied evidence to reduce extended earnings loss

i am looking for david or one of his asociates to repersent me in a final court hearing with workers compinsation.i am asking for a free consultation based on contingency as there is a sizable amount there if i win my case.workers comp nfld has reduced my extended earnings loss by more than half stating i can work a light duty job in another job and have denied evadence to do so when doctors say i am unemployable an i requesting retro pay for the last year and i am pentioned off till im 65 i will be 52 in febuary i could use your help or your recomendations thank you have a good day

Use this form to request a consultation:

Do you mean WSIB, they r the same as Qorkers Comp, correct? Did you receive any help from David, as I am in the same boat as you.

No help from anyone yet they never even answered me

no workers comp is differnt than wsib as far as i no

It usually takes a few weeks for a response. I always thought Workers Comp was the same as WSIB. Both are useless, we pay into it and when we get I hired, they dont care

The pay for injuries that occurred at work I think.
I have no idea how long they take.