Should I apply for CPP and why?

I had never heard of CPP-D before visiting this site. I have been on LTD for a little over 2 yrs and my insurance company has never mentioned anything regarding it. So should I be applying for it now? If so, why?

If you have a severe and prolonged disability and you can never work again, you may qualify for cpp-d.

The benefit of getting it is that your cpp pension at 65 may be higher.

Read CPP Disability Application Guide for 2021 - Resolute Legal Disability Lawyers

Thanks for the reply and the link. Are you familiar with how the minimum contributions work? Do you have to be employed every day for 4 yrs or does it count by taxation year? I worked 5 taxation yrs, but only 42 months (short 6 months).

I think you need to have made the minimum contributions to CPP ($4k I think) in 4 out of 6 of the last years (2012-2017).
There is an exception if you raised children during that time.
You should phone Service Canada to check with them.

Thanks for the info, I will definitely call on Monday.

You had to make at least 5700 for the year to qualify. If you go to Service Canada website and sign into my accounts-
you can use your online banking to self identify-then if there is a B beside your cpp contributions on any year-that year does not count.

It also gives you an estimate of what your cpp-d might be

Your income needs to exceed what is called the “Basic Exemption Amount”. There is a formula for how this is calculated annually, but it goes up annually and her are the amounts you would need to meet for the past few years:

2016 - 5,490
2015 - 5,390
2014 - 5,250
2013 - 5,100
2012 - 5,010
2011 - 4,830

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I get this question all the time so I wrote this article awhile ago to give the answer you are looking for: 6 Reasons to Apply for CPP Disability Even Though Your Insurance Company Gets All the Money

Thanks for the information :slight_smile: I’ve ordered my application kit from Service Canada so will be applying for it soon.

You can download the PDFs from the Service Canada website and fill them in electronically.
I found that easier than writing legibly.

Thanks for the heads up, but personally, filling them by hand works best for me.