New comer with disability

Asking on behalf, if a new comer (never worked in canada) has a long term disability since birth (mental) intellectual disability, is he entitled to some sort of financial aid if he can’t work (such as cpp-d) ? And if so, does he needs a doctor report as a proof and if he doesn’t have one yet given the lack of family doctors in the country and the long wait time What shall he do ? Can he get the report from a walk in clinic doctor?
And last question what is the average amount that he might get?

As far as I know CPP is a pension system that is earned by working, so not unless they had a parent who earned CPP who is now disabled or deceased. Most provinces do have some extra assistance for disabled people, you can look here to see what might be available in your circumstances: . Each program will have its own requirements for how to qualify.

Yes, there can be benefits available in this scenario. One may qualify for disability benefits from the provincial government. In BC, this is called PWD - Persons with Disabilities. And yes, a report from a walk-in clinic doctor can work. The note would need to be in a form acceptable to the gov’t dept overseeing PWD. In addition, if this is an intellectual disability from childhood as you describe, additional supports can be available depending on the province. In BC, the addition supports can be provided by “Community Living BC” if the person is an adult, or from the “Ministry of Child and Family Development” is they are a child/youth. A “guess” as to a monthly benefit amount is $1300 to $1500. Hope that helps. PS: There can be restrictions on social benefits to newcomers, depending on the r/how restrictions they may have on their residency e.g. if they were sponsored. So keep that in mind.

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Hello , thanks a lot for the reply, so even if this person has not contributed in the CPP, he is still entitled to financial assistance (condition of his presence , not sponsored).

If this person meets the program’s definition of “disabled” and “unable to work” etc, yes. Not from the CPP program, but from a different program.

Which province is this person in?

He is in Ontario.
First time in Canada, and has intellectual disability (mental retardation).

Work through these links, it should lead you exactly where you need to go.

And anyone (even if not disabled) can ask for some temporary help:

Anyone can start the process here too, and if disabled, they’ll tell you next steps.

Bear in mind there are criteria for “eligibility” for the benefits, and I do not know all the details of this person’s situation. But, he can start to look for help and may be eligible.

Hello, this is interesting and helpful, thanks a lot for your help

I wrote an article on the eligibility for ODSP you may find helpful.
Do I qualify for the ODSP

You need to have paid into CPP to get it