New and confused

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading post here for the past few months and so far the posts that already exist have answered most of my question, so thank you. However, today I was told something from cpp-d that I can’t find the answer to, if anyone can help, I’d truly appreciate it. A few days ago my status showed complete online for my application. I call cpp-d to make sure they sent the letter to the right address as we have moved since applying, she then put a request to resend as they sent to the old address and not the one I provided for the new one. The lady then told me she can’t tell me anything other than where they sent it. Today I called to request my file from cpp-d as I figured I should get ahead of things for an appeal as I was told most are denied. I asked the lady to double check that the resend letter with my decision was sent to the updated address and she said yes your lump sum letter and tax forms have been sent to the new address.

I haven’t received my decision letter yet. My question is does a lump sum letter and tax forms mean I’ve been approved?

Thank you again to you all for the help over the months and for this too. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Does it show any payment information?

Sounds like it.

It says that payment info is only available after the first payment is sent

Jammer, thank you for your response. Your responses to others have helped me in the past.

I would think if you were denied there would only be a denial letter.
Tax forms and mentioning a lump sum letter make me think it was approved :slight_smile:

First they send an approval letter. Several weeks later they send those documents that you mentioned. They don’t send them right away.

yes, this means you have been approved.