Narrative Statement and Cover Letter


Does anyone has a sample narrative statement and cover letter. I already have the ones available via insider membership. Just wondering if anyone here is willing to share their letter with me.

I am also wondering upto what level detail should I put in it. I have lots of treatments that i went through including traveling out side the country for a treatment and then getting stuck here due to covid. Should I give them all details or too much detail can have negative impact?

Looking forward for your help.


I put together a monster document when I filed a complaint with the ombudsman. I wouldn’t mind sharing with some personal info removed. I wished so much there was a template that I could use when I did it myself.

Would you be willing to share that will me as well if I provide you my email address?

sorry for the late reply. I can absolutely share. just give me some time to remove some personal info.

Hi Mathew, I could not find the cover letter and narrative sample inside the membership. Wonder if you could share with me the ones you have.