Mediation Settlement

So I have a mediation date coming up because I was denied LTD , has anyone gone through this before ? I have severe depression and anxiety with BPD and bi polar , Just wondering what others have settled for $ I’m in my mid 40’s. I have doctors and psychiatrist reports all saying I can’t work and I’m on medication. This has been causing me a lot of mental anguish over the last several months and I just want it to be over finally.

I haven’t gone through it, but what does your lawyer say?
It can be a matter of reinstating monthly benefits until you turn 65 or a lump sum settlement. Every case would be different based on individual circumstances only you and your lawyer would know.

My lawyer is more interested in going after a lump sum settlement in my case and so am I

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I don’t know what to expect but the alternative is to reinstate benefits and if the policy says it would be until 65 then I wouldn’t accept much less unless you expect to die before then.

hey there bear123,

I’m in a similar situation as you – though with schizophrenia – got denied LTD, no big surprise though.

can we take conversation offline? I think we can help eachother – I’m on the street at the moment due to financial problems, but I have solid access to wifi, I have a discovery date coming up (not mediation)

I can buy you a coffee for your time! please get back to me, I haven’t been able to meet anyone near my own age who is in a similar situation – this forum is for people who are having problems applying for CPP-D.