Out of Court Settlement

My long term disability was approved and later discontinued because I tried going back to work on modified work and could not continue. I have 23 months to retire. Is it worth my while suing the insurance company? What would my settlement offer look like? Assuming that the insurance company is paying about 450 dollars a week what is the amount I would receive by way of past benefits with interest and future benefits. What is the amount factored in from CPP disability benefits? What can i expect by way of compensation for mental and financial distress? How much does the insurance company generally pay towards lawyers charges? As per the employment contract, we are not allowed to contribute towards pension while on LTD. I am not sure if pension losses would then apply to me. What can I expect towards punitive damages awarded to punish the insurance company for despicable behavior? What are the tax implications on settlement dues from the insurance company? What are the tax implications if CPP is eventually approved? Can lawyers charges be filed in the income tax returns. What is the cap towards lawyers fees?