Material change Lock In

Hi everyone! Need your advice. So my husband had lock in in 2018 after 72 month. His NEL 67%. Injuries related to construction work. He wants to start in home job ( IT related) . If we reort material change, can they cut all payments or as long it is locked in, it will be fine? If we have to report it, how would you phrase it? Little story, my husband had terrible constaccident where he had 15 fractures including scalp. He lost hearing on one ear, he has mental issues, spine pain, back, chest bones and wrist no healed properly. So it is bad. But he wants to do something he likes and help me little bit financially, cause It is tough for me and we have a kid. Please share yoyr thoughts i. It, the best way to inform them but keep benefits.
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Hi everyone. Waiting yoyr feedback

Welcome to the Forum. People receiving WSIB benefits always have an obligation to report a material changes in circumstances, even in so-called “locked in” situations. I am a strong advocate people being being very frank and up front with the disability benefits provider (WSIB, LTD, CPPD) about legitimate attempts to want to do some type of work. This gives a person the best possible chance to preserve credibility and avoid any possibility of being seen in a negative light by the disability payer. You have to be realistic about if it is possible for a person to do some level of work. If this is supported by the person’s doctor, and the person wants to try, then next call should be to the disability benefits payer to discuss options, plan.

You have posted some images of letters. I recommend against doing that as this is a public forum searchable in google, and you have to assume WSIB will read these posts. Those letters contain identifying information even though you have blacked out some information.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Can they request NEL redetermination though?