Master Policy # of Pages

How many pages should a typical Master LTD policy/contract be? I just recieved mine today, and if I add up just the pages that would apply to long term disability, it’s only about 9 pages long. Does that seem right? The entire policy/contract (that also includes life, critical illness, dependant life, etc ) is about 60 pages long.

There can be a wide variation in the length, but what you are describing isn’t out of the ordinary.

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I have a “booklet” which is about 9 pages for just the LTD section. It says “booklet” on the front cover. I have asked my employer for the Master Policy but they said the booklet is all they have. How do I know if this “booklet” is the full version?

It can be very hard to get a master policy. I have never been successful. I tried and tried but they claim there isn’t one, which makes no sense to me since the “booklet” they gave me doesn’t have nearly enough info in it. I just gave up.

It’s hard to believe my booklet is the full version as well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Ask for a copy of the signed agreement/contact between your employer and the insurance company for the LTD benefits. If they say they don’t have it escalate it to the next level of your HR management. Also the insurance company is obliged to give it to you when you request it by email.

I’ve been told NO by not only the Insurance Company, the BC Regulator, all the while my employer didn’t even realize they didn’t have a copy.

Hi BrokenCamel,

Not sure why any of them told you that. Being able to get a copy on your LTD insurance policy is the law in BC. I’ve pasted the relevant section of the Insurance Act in BC.

LTD Policies in British Columbia

Insurance Act, RSBC 2012, c. 1

26 (1) On request, the insurer must furnish to the insured a copy of

(a) the insured’s application or proposal for insurance, and

(b) the insured’s policy.

96 (1) An insurer entering into a contract must

(a) issue a policy, and

(b) furnish to the insured the policy and a copy of the insured’s application.

The BCFSA representative explained to me that because my LTD Policy is part of a Group Plan the agreement is between “The Group” and the Insurer, and so I have no right to getting a copy of the policy.

The booklet is all I am entitled to, despite me paying the premiums.

What a joke. Makes you wonder what the problem is? What are they hiding? Very odd stuff.

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The BCFSA rep is 100% wrong, and needs to be retrained. You are the insured party, and therefore have a right to the policy by law.