Policies and sections to look out for in master policy?

Hi all,

Hope everyone is getting through their disability as best as we are able.
After begging Sun Life for a copy of my partner’s master policy for nearly 2 years, we finally got it.

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what sections or keywords to look out for in case of anything malicious or “gotchas” baked in. I’m hoping it’s all straightforward and above board but our experience with Sun Life has told us that may be a foolish assumption.

If nothing else, would love to know what terms to keep an eye out for and be mindful of, thanks!

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I’m confused as to why you wanted the master policy unless it was for a specific reason in which case you should probably have an idea of what you’re looking for.
If it is a question like “can I do blank” then I would ask a lawyer.

Glad you got it, but I’m a bit surprised you had to beg for it. Sun Life usually has no problem sending it within a few days of an email request.

The master policy is a legally binding contract so the entire document is a “gotcha” if you don’t abide by the terms within it. If you breach the terms of the contract then Sun Life is well within their rights to suspend your LTD payments or possible terminate them for good.

I suggest you read every word and make sure your situation and how you go about your day-to-day isn’t on contradictio to any of the contract clauses.

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How does that work if there is a “gotcha” in the master policy that someone on disability is not aware of (how many people get the master policy)?
Is that enforceable?
Seems scummy.

That why it’s so important to ask for the master policy the moment you apply for benefits.

Some “gotchas” are just clauses like not leaving the country without authorizarion.

As with any insurance policy it’s always important to get your policy documentation. It’s crazy how many people don’t even have the 100s of pages for their home insurance contract. That document is full of stuff you aren’t covered for, but people think they are. Once upon a time working as an an auto/home insurance adjuster wasn’t a fun time for me…it was really hard to tell people they didn’t have coverage for things they thought they did.


Scummy is how they operate! That’s exactly how they try and catch you doing something that’s stated in the master policy that has never been given to the claimant. Then they will cut you off for non compliance.

With regard to this, if you request a copy of “Master “ contract and receive an approximately, ten-page document, which you then understand to be the “Master” contract…

How can you be held liable for something never stated, provided, or disclosed?

Interested in commentary.

Thank you.

I preface this by saying I’m not a lawyer but have done contract law for business purposes for a couple decades, and have picked up a lot of “common law” knowledge along the way.

The master policy contract is a policy between the insurer and the employer; the employee is just a third party entitled to benefits under said contract. Employees have a contractual relationship with the employer not the insurance company so it really should be the employer who provides you the information on the master policy. The failure to provide the master policy voluntarily is not the responsibility of the insurer, but it is law (in most provinces I believe) for the insurer to provide it once it is requested by the employee.

To take it a bit further it’s up to the employee to find out what the requirements of the contract are by actively getting the information they need. Just as in criminal law saying “I didn’t know” is not a viable defence in contract common law…

Well that’s my my 2 cents…with current inflation is likely not even worth a penny anymore.


I’m in Ontario. I have not received a response from my insurer since asking again for the policy.

Hi there

I requested the Canada Life master group policy June 17th 2024. Still haven’t received. Is this normal to have to wait?

mine took well over a year. Though from the comments I’ve seen here it definitely should be provided promptly, perhaps even within a week. These companies seem to have little regard for their own responsibilities sadly

oh darn hate to hear that it took you one year! I’m going to look into whether or not there is some complaints ombudsman etc.

A year is way too long. The last person I know who requested their master policy from Canada Life got it in a week, but I believe they got it directly from their employer.

If you don’t get it within 45 days, then I would send your request (by email) to your Canada Life claims manager on a weekly basis until you get it. You can also write to the Canada Life privacy officer requesting your master policy under the right to your information laws.

Canada Life Privacy Officer
The Canada Life Assurance Company
255 Dufferin Avenue, London, Ontario N6A 4K1

You can also let the Canada Life obudsman know that you are not getting what you have been asking for in a reasonable time frame:



Thank you so much for that info! Really feeling alone with all this. Appreciate you including the link as well.