Making public my issues with my insurer


It has been a long time since I posted here.

The reason being that my conflict with my insurer has gotten from bad to worse, and there was no way I could have intelligibly shared all the lies and deception committed by my insurer. (Too many details, too much to explain, too much stress.)

My claim is still active, however I have a question: suppose I have had it with my insurer’s harassment, and I want to go public.

Is there anything stopping me from going public regardless of whether the insurer still pays me?

By the above I mean: I do not give a rats’s ass if they still pay me, I just want to make sure that they do not do to other people what they have done to me.

Can I just post my correspondence online? My correspondence has accusations, assertions made by me etc …

Is there any law preventing me from saying: this is my correspondence, these are my opinions, please do not ever use this insurer…



Sorry to hear about your frustrations with your insurance company. My only advice is to ask advice from David. You need legal advice before going down this rabbit hole.


The only way to punish companies like this is to hit them where it hurts… their wallet. Releasing damaging info about a company won’t do anything because no one will pay attention. Hell, Ford Motor Company let people KNOWINGLY burn to death in Ford Pinto’s and people still buy Ford’s. And Volkswagen lied to everyone about emissions and people still buy them. Every LTD insurance company out there has hundreds or even thousands of negative reviews and downright accusations of lying and fraud and harrassment, some more than others. What you need to do is sue them and get them good.

As someone who has worked in in this area for years, I can appreciate your frustration. I would ask you to really think about your objective here and what you hope to accomplish.

What you are proposing is usually not a good idea. It will hurt you more than them, in my experience. To be effective this type of expose needs to come from a credible third party, not you. You won’t be seen as objective. You will be too emotionally charged and it will be easy to dismiss you.

There are avenues for filing complaints internally with the insurance company or with the ombudsman that regulates in the insurance industry.

If you want to send us everything you have, our legal team could do a free claim review and give you our thoughts on this situation. Just let our intake team know about this post and my offer.


David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Allegations can result in defamation if not careful.

I am in the same boat, but I am careful about what I write!

Mostly, they are like this:

I share this link all the time on twitter, I say that these practices have been used in Canada also for a longtime. I tag some insurance companies and groups.

No matter what, you have to be careful of what you write, even if it is a personal account.

Hi David

Thank you for your offer.

I will contact your team.

I will wait to make my decision until I get feedback from David’s team.

However, I feel so frustrated and I have been under stress so much. I am in the process of moving out of the city I have lived in for the last 10 years, because I do not feel safe anymore, and i need to go back live with my parents.

Throughout all of this stressful time, I have documented all my struggles by saving all my emails, and uploading most of them to cloud.

My plan is to go directly to the buyers of insurance LTD group policy. That is: take the top 20 Canadian companies, find the email address of the top executives, and then present to them my case by presenting my story and my emails.

I would then ask these top executives to make up their own mind: would they want to ever hire such as LTD provider for their own company? Since I have sent all of my emails using my workplace email address, I believe there would be credibility to my struggles.

I am just trying to figure out whether this would constitute defamation.

Hi Alecs, I hear your frustration and I understand it. However having been on the corporate side of things in my working life I guarantee you that corresponding with company executives will not work. I would suggest the same approach as David, which is to go to the overseers of the company and the industry. Or if their actions were egregious enough, to the media.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Is does help to clarify my mind.

My state of mind, unfortunately is one of a hurt animal: he has to choose between accepting the loss and moving on, or keep fighting knowing that he has already lost and the only thing he can accomplish is that of returning some level of hurt to his assailants.

These people,have been targeting me over and over for almost two years now: I feel debased. Based on their track record and intent very soon they will cut my benefits and there is little I will be able to do.

I have already reached out to the very top of their organization, quite early in this 2 year long process.

I have already contacted the highest levels of my HR, and they keep trying to help but to no avail. They tried to mediate several times, only to be met back with further bullshit and deception.

In other words, what I am complaining is not one single egregious thing, rather it is a matter of 20 different items, some of them unethical some of them deceptive.

The only law they broke is PIPEDA, and for that they can pay small admin fines.

I am in a peculiar situation where I have no support in my home city, and I have to move back with my parents, cross province.

The thing is, my parents do not even know that for the last 10 years I have been on LTD. I cannot bring with me all this crap. I will never heal with level of stress.

So ,my choice right now is between licking my wounds and know that these criminals have both hurt me and also gotten away with my benefits, or at least pay them back.

That really sucks. It’s so demoralizing to feel so helpless. :pensive:

I called my Insurer out on their corruption and collusion with my Employer and told them
to only contact me in writing going forward and followed up with a Human Rights Complaint against them on the grounds of Disability and discriminatory Harassment. Also filed a complaint against my Employer with the Human Rights Commission. Currently awaiting Tribunal .

How is that fight going @Riverman?

So far so good Marilyn …

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