Confidentiality of Online Information

I am posting this as a public serve announcement of sorts for users of this Forum. We created this forum as community for people to receive (and give) support about disability claims. It is important that all users keep in mind that information posted on this forum is public and searchable on the internet.

Also, if your disability claim ever becomes the subject of a lawsuit, you may be required (by court order) to produce copies of comments or posts you have made on this forum or social media platforms. The law is ever changing on the balance of an Individual’s privacy rights vs. Insurance Co’s right to disclosure, in the context of a lawsuit. There are certainly valid arguments that the insurance company has no right to know what information you post on a forum like this, or a social media platform, and a judge would consider any disclosure requests from insurance companies on a case-by-case basis.

While it is not 100% certain that a judge would order you to disclose information you post on a forum like this, you should be cautious and assume what you post may be read by the insurance company. Seeking direct consultation from a lawyer is the only way to be 100% certain that what you disclose (and the advice you receive) will remain confidential from the insurance company.

This public service post has not been promoted by any request or court order, but is something we simply want to emphasize.


This is excellent advice. A lawyer provides confidentiality, experience and knowledge that far exceeds a general discussion.

I personally feel that you should always be aware that Insurers are likely reviewing this site, not just for negative reasons, they also would be reviewing to improve services and see where issues arrive.

From my experience I would consult a lawyer as soon as I received the first denial on a long term claim. It may cost a few hundred or be solved through the free consult. The reason is that Insurers deny claims and hope you appeal so that they can 1. stack the file to make it appear the denial was “fair” 2. Set you up for an IME so they can support a denial that they could not reasonably expect to support without the IME and other tactics.

A lawyer can save you the stress of a longtime fight if they get in early enough. Often when there is a problem and we try to solve it ourselves without a lawyer the claim completely derails and it becomes harder for counsel to get the train claim moving again.

Also I wish when my spidey senses were tingling that we had met with a lawyer before starting any Insurer recommended rehab plan.

EDIT note: also research the lawyer as if the lawyer is not experienced or only dabbles in LTD and CPP-D you could end up with issues as well. Like they say once any professional gets a Degree you don’t know if they were top or bottom of the class.

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A lot of Insurers use to track alias and social tracking. There are other sites as well.

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