LTD Stress induced Heart Attack


My wife had a heart attack, doctors diagnose anxiety disorder and stress was main factor in heart attack. Return to stressful work I am very concerned about her ability to manage stress due to work and she may have another heart attack. She has LTD through work, to safe guard her health, what options may she have .



The first step is to apply for short term disability (STD).
After the max period of that (depends on your policy (mine was 17 weeks)), it will change into long term disability (LTD).

LTD is usually for 2 years at her “own occupation” and then it changes to “any occupation”.
The employer has a duty to accommodate.
She could work less hours, do a different type of work, etc.

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Tips before filing!

  1. Read your policy booklet
  2. If your spouse has been on claim before or off work-how is disability calculated? I have a friend who kept trying to go back to work and ended up the 6 months before finally applying for disability she only worked 50% of her regular hours. Unfortunately her policy calculated disability based on her last 12 months of wages. This drastically cost her a reduced disability benefit.
  3. Make sure your doctor and specialists support going on disability
  4. May want advice if the stress is work related -you might want to claim under both disability and WCB–you would need to really look into this!
    5.Get your paperwork and supporting documents in order -try and present the claim right the first try
    6.If the Insurer is taking their time making a decision or you suspect claim issues-file for EI sickness benefits at the same time. EI Sickness benefits should be applied for within the first 5 weeks of leaving work