LTD Rehab Dilemma, Is it Mandatory?

I am wondering is Manulife LTD rehab mandatory to do if you decide to take any early retirement? Are there any repercussions from Manulife? I was thinking I could do the rehab and work for a few months and then retire. I don’t want to cause any kind of problems with Manulife. Some advice would be appreciated.

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Usually it is mandatory and/or you have an obligation to try reasonable treatment to get back to work. Since you have decided not to appeal CPP-D then put in for retirement now and try the rehab or meet with Peter and see what is offered.

You can always cancel the application for CPP retirement if rehab works out. Let Peter know that you are worried about your mental health, stress levels and fatigue. Also after you apply tell the Insurer that you have done so proactively given your concerns about handling a job and adhering to a schedule.

Since you don’t care if they cut you off then just give rehab a try, you have nothing lose and nothing to fear from meeting with Peter.

You are in a good position so the post on rehab and asking for forms --this would not apply to you.


The rehab is usually required.
You know you will lose ltd when you r rerire, right?
It’s best not to tell Manulife that you plan to retire.


It is possible and likely that the cpp retirement amount will be an offset to the LTD.
I personally feel that it is best to be honest if you apply for cpp retirement benefits as a back-up if rehabilitation does not get you back to being able to work. If you decide that you do not want to participate in rehab and relinquish your disability claim that is an available option for you.

You got this!


Thanks for this response. I actually got in touch with my employer’s new Health and Benefits specialist this morning and told her all that I’m going through with my health and what to do next. She is a fantastic lady and completely understands my medical issue and my emotions around a work return and rehab. She is going to call my caseworker and find out on my behalf all my rehab entails and what’s expected of me. She is also going to meet with or speak with my Dept. and Union Reps about my situation. She told me not to rush into anything until I hear from her next week. She also said to see my GP and tell him all my concerns about work, my fatigue and anxiety as well to document how long it takes me to do housework, etc. and my fatigue and stress level. I’m so glad I spoke with her this morning. It’s taken a great deal of pressure off me and relieved some anxiety. She says if I make an effort under Manulfie to return and it is not successful due to my health they would reopen my file and extend my LTD benefits without jeopardizing my claim or my job. Part of my dilemma has been being out of touch with my HR contacts for over a year and my Dept. So many changes it’s been unreal! I think it will all work out. Thanks again for the great advice.


That sounds great.
Best wishes.

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