Insurance Company asking for Insured Person's Statement

I recently got approved for LTD but advisor wants me to complete Insured Person’s Statement which has Attending Physician stament enclosed in it also ? It is normal for insurance company to ask that ?

I have no idea how common it is but I think it is common.
I never had to that.
Do whatever they ask unless there is a reason you can’t.

One person told me there wouldn’t be more medical forms but then another person wanted me to get medical forms.
I told her what the first person said and she backtracked.
She said she’ll just send me a questionnaire once a year but I am skeptical.

Yes it was for me. Once I was approved the forms and requests were ongoing for quite some time.

Hi Jammer
I got approved less than 4 months
Showed complete and the amount so I phoned and confirmed.

Thanks for all your input regarding my concerns. It really helped me stay positive during the process


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Congrats, I’m glad you got it.

It took me 5 years to receive CPP Disability’s approval. I had to have the insurance company’s dr. report completed many, many times. Good luck to you.

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