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if the ltd company is asking for tons of medical documentation before “assessing the claim”, so much it is causing the client distress and causing them to lose medical treatment - and almost making it impossible to get all the necessary documents- do you guys have any suggestions on how to move things along? It is disguising
they are saying it is the client’s responsibility to get the documents

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do but be compliant of their requests as they are entitled to all the related claim information in order to do the assessment.

Get a family member get the documents?
They need the documents for you to have complete claim.
Maybe there is some way for your doctor to release all information to them but I don’t know if this is a good idea.

Might want to get a lawyer. If the insurer is playing hardball this quick they are likely looking at a denial. You have to prove your claim but you can ask them in writing what specifically they require?

Also apply for sickness EI as a backup option, if not already used.

You can also just ask and pay for complete copies of your medical records (Don’t write on them and make copies for yourself) and send.

Also get a copy of your job description and/or duties of your job from your employer or job postings. Have your Doctor explain why you can not do those duties or explain in a letter how your illness is affecting you with respect to your job duties.

Also send in your condition and symptoms from the Mayo Clinic website. Check off the symptoms you have and send that too.

Also go to google scholar and find relevant journal articles on your condition -send those too and highlight the relevant portions.

Paper duck them if thats what they want

Go to your pharmacist and get copies of your medication side effects and check off any that apply.

Be 100 % honest and as accurate as possible. Keep anything you personally write brief and concise.

You may complicate your life if you apply for EI while receiving LTD. The best advice is to try to muddle through the forms on your “good” days. Do what they ask, and that is all you can do. There is an end, it is really laborious in the beginning, but things will calm down. I am of the opinion of not going way out of your way to make your life even more complicated by anticipating the worst.

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I don’t think the LTD has been approved yet so I think EI sickness benefits are ok.

Unfortunately, it is the client’s reponsibitity to provide the forms and information to the insurer. Legally, all you have to provide them is the completed forms — and they are supposed to make a decision based on that information. The problem in a situation like yours is they are bascially saying that unless you get us more information the claim will be denied. The only practical path forward is to get them all the information they want. Get help from family members or someone you trust. Get a lawyer as a last resort.

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