LTD indicates to apply for CPPD

LTD recently contacted me indicated that my file will be moving to long term duration team and I will have to apply for CPPD .

I am awaiting a package from LTD with details how to apply.
Does anybody have an idea what long term duration team means (I am in “any occupation” now)
Also does it mean that while this application for CPP-D is ongoing, I will continue to receive LTD?
And lastly, do I have to apply before I get a letter from LTD insurer, as I see lots of people applying on their own?
And how will it impact my ability to return to work down the road?

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Long term duration - they think that your condition has/will continue long enough to meet the CPPD condition of being “prolonged”.

You will continue to receive LTD. Expect occasional forms requesting updates on your condition from you and your doctor. If you do qualify for CPPD, then your insurer will deduct the amount of CPPD from your monthly payment and pay you the rest. CPPD is taxable though so if your LTD was not taxable, you may end up out the cost of taxes. Also consider applying for the disability tax credit (DTC) if you qualify - it will reduce your taxes and also let you open an RDSP and get grants and bonds from the government.

You can wait for the CPPD instructions letter or just apply on your own. Usually the insurer includes some information to increase your chances of success but frankly David Brannen’s (the lawyer who runs this website) guide to applying for CPPD is much better. Poke around their website as well for some other tips for applying.

It will not prevent your return to work if you are able to. CPPD has some features designed to encourage and assist people with returning to work - like if your return to work fails, they will restart your CPPD quickly without going through all the paperwork again and so on. Read more here: Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit - Vocational Rehabilitation Program -


Thank you very much , I will read the information you provided. I believe my LTD is taxable, as they deduct some % before issuing me benefit.
I am a bit surprised to find myself in this situation, as I was hoping (and still do) to get better and go back to work, but now that I was put into “prolonged” bucket - I might not be able to return to work in any gainful occupation and will have to apply to CPPD.
It is interesting to know if anybody was in similar situation - were put in long term duration, applied to CPPD and later went back to work? (I hear that application for CPPD and appeals can take more than a year)…

Ha yeah it took me a really really long time to accept that I wasn’t going to get better. Eventually I had to give up hope because the setbacks were too devastating. Some people definitely go back to work, whether it’s new medical developments or rehab or retraining or just the tincture of time doing its thing… It’s not exactly a great quality of life when you’re stuck at home…

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Duration refers to the length of time you have been on claim, I’m sure that is fairy self-evident. Research on LTD claimants shows that people who have been on claim for a shorter period of time are more likely to return to work. By being passed to the long duration team the insurer is recognizing that based on the stats you are less likely to return to work. The insurer should spend less time focussing on your claim as a result. This is related to being in the “any occupation” period as you have been on claim longer.
Good luck.

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