CPP-D deniad while on ltd

Hi everyone.
I been on ltd for a year a half . 11 months on ltd my insurance company asked me to apply for cppd , i just got a letter saying I been denied due because of not being pro longed and severe . And in the letter my health care providers say i can work , where I was at my doctors a month ago saying i still can’t work due to my condtion. (Suffering from long covid) is this normal for cppd to just say that for them not to approve?

I would get a copy of the CPPD medical report your doctor filled out. If they said you can work in the future then it’s an automatic denial as you haven’t satisfied the prolonged part of CPPD.

Yes ill have to do that, my doctor saw me in February and still has been not doing anywork. So just confused by Cppd decision and waiting on my case manager if i should appeal it.

What did your doctor put on your CPP disability application? “Long Covid” isn’t a DSM-V disability. You need to have a disability listed on the DSM-V. That may be the problem. The rest for CPP-disability is much higher than LTD.

Im not sure Im going to see my doc next week. I emailed my case manager telling him ive been denied by cppd. And i asked him what should i do next ? Its been 5 days and i still havent heard from my case manager what to do. By the way is it normal for case managers not to respond to emails regarding something like this ? Unless they don’t care about me appealing knowing how cppd are. Lol

I don’t think DSM would apply to long COVID. The important part is describing how the long COVID is impacting on your daily life. Get a copy of David Brannen’s book on applying for CPPD, I believe Resolute Legal will send you a copy for free if your library doesn’t have it. There is also this video Long Covid Disability Canada: Benefit Claims & Lawyer Help

Then print off a copy of the CPPD form and go through all the questions with as much detail as you can, then take it to your doctor.

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I think pretty much everything needs to fit into a DSM-V category to be taken seriously.

There is a category called distressing somatic symptoms and it is used for things like fibromyalgia.

B. Excessive thoughts, feelings, or behaviors related to the somatic symptoms or associated health concerns as manifested by at least one of the following:

  1. Disproportionate and persistent thoughts about the seriousness of one’s symptoms.
  2. Persistently high level of anxiety about health or symptoms.
  3. Excessive time and energy devoted to these symptoms or health concerns.
    C. Although any one somatic symptom may not be continuously present, the state of being symptomatic is persistent (typically more than 6 months).

Using language like that would be key to getting it accepted.

DSM is for mental illness, it doesn’t cover physical illnesses.

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Yeah you are correct. My advice probably missed the mark on this one. Sorry to OP.

I hear cppd decline 60% of applications.