LTD Case Manager after COD

Hi all,

For the people on LTD and have passed the change of definition did you get a new case manager at that stage? I am with a big 3 insurer and had a different case manager when I was on short term disability, then a new case manager once I got on long term disability. I have been approved for CPPD on my initial application. I wasn’t asked for a resume, or education update, or sent to a vocational assessment, or had to do an IME or ever pushed back to work. Was told a year in advance I would be getting benefits past the COD so I feel the LTD insurer feels my case is solid which it is backed by 2 specialists and GP. I haven’t had much contact with my case manager after CPPD approval. Communication went from phone calls to emails every 6 months. My COD is coming up and hoping that communication is even less so I can focus on my health and put on long duration/maintenance but was unsure if it’s common to be dealing with another division of LTD and a new case manager.

Nope nothing changed for me when I first went on CPPD. I had a case manager who appeared to be overwhelmed and screwing up. After I wrote warning them not to screw up my mortgage renewal I appear to be on the long term ignore plan.

I think their approach varies a lot with the context of the person. It sounds like they are satisfied that you qualify for full disability and are only doing the minimum they can do for their obligations.