Change in case worker

Just found out from checking out some other info with an LTD receptionist that I am also now under a team versus one caseworker - was never informed of this. Is this normal after two years or a concern?

Anytime they change Case Worker they send me a letter informing me of the change. I only have one Case worker and it’s been over four years on LTD.

From steps that I am aware of if your claim is denied a team of case workers studies your file to make a ruling at the two year mark… just another politically correct way of informing you without really lying

Thanks for your input. I have passed the two year mark months ago. I was surprised to accidentally find out this info while I was confirming that they received some information I sent in response to a letter to update my file. There was a different name on the initial letter - that is why I enquired and the receptionist read on my electronic file that I was now under a team. She didn’t know why.

I am under 2 years but I have been approved for over 2 years.
My claim is being managed by the “long term disability team”, some name.
It could be a good thing for you.

They switched case managers a few times and never told me.

Thanks Jammer. I wondered if I was put in the chronic category. Unfortunately, my disease is progressive and this was recently confirmed again by PET Scans - don’t think they have this recent info. My employers will be terminating me “frustration of contract” due to my long term illness and my understanding is (via HR) that I will be receiving a package soon and a severance. My policy indicates that my severance is included as income. So I am sure my insurance will want to get their hands on that. I had enquired earlier about how that is handled. Whether they just take the lump sum which would cover most of what they paid out to me or whether I would be expected to use up the severance and then they would supposedly jump back in. However, I am also getting very close to 65 in 2.5 years. Have not received a clear answer on this question.
What I also want clarification with is how LTD works - when they take my severance and if I then decide to take my defined pension - do they just close off with me because my pension income will be more than what I am receiving on LTD… I wish I could just call them and get these answers but I was advised not to do this. My biggest fear is that if I decide to take my pension (will they find this out via HR) and will they immediately stop payments or continue until I get my pension income - it takes 3 months for the pension to be processed. I could not live without income. Also taking my pension now won’t make that much difference and was okayed by an accountant/financial planner. These unanswered questions just make me anxious - I should be able to call LTD and get answers but am worried re: info from this site that if they think I am contemplating retirement will cut me off.

I don’t think they close your file, they just pay you nothing.
It doesn’t sound like it would matter if they do in your situation.
Are they entitled to your severance just for the time after you get severance or for the period you started LTD?

Hi Jammer
If I get my pension it does not matter if they close off my LTD as long as they do that upon the date I receive my pension (process takes up to 3 months) but if they cut me off right away upon finding out I am going to go into this process that would be disastrous - no income for 3 months. People tell me that they are pretty sure they only cut me off upon receiving my pension but this has not been confirmed and leaves me anxious. Your last question is a really good one - my policy just says that severance is included as income so I don’t know the answer to your question. If they are only entitled to the severance for the time going forward then can I just cancel LTD? However, I can’t imagine the insurance would allow me to just cut them off knowing they have access to my severence. These are important questions I would really like the answer to. I was really hoping some non-union person with a defined pension had gone thru this and could give me the answer.

Thanks so much for your response Jammer.

I don’t think you would be cut off before your pension actually starts.
Presumably the insurance company is too big and there is too much red tape for them to move that fast.
I wouldn’t tell anyone anything.
Retire when you want and let the insurance company know after.
Keep the severance until the insurance company asks for it (ask them questions about it after).
Don’t volunteer to give them all the money.
Maybe say something like “I worked 20 years and I received LTD for 5 years so I calculate I owe the insurance company 1/4 of the severance.”. The letter from HR about your termination might say but it might not.
Best of luck, I’m confident it’ll work out.

Thanks so much Jammer for your advice - very helpful. I am reducing my prednisone right now and I also find upon doing that my anxiety has increased and I am more emotionally reactive - my poor adrenals don’t know whether they are coming or going. That is why I am trying to find a sense of control over things I really don’t have control over.
Thanks again to everyone that responded!