Difficult to get information from insurer

I’ve been on LTD for 11 months. I should have received my 12th payment today. I didn’t receive it and cannot get in touch with anyone (I may just be panicking unnecessarily at this point!)

They did a change of definition 5 months ago. There was no information from my doctor or my psychiatrist to support a COD. Both have told me that they made it clear that I am unable to work at all right now.
(I have severe arthritis in both knees, using a walker, have depression, anxiety and agoraphobia, which has me housebound right now.)

My question:
Can they just cut off my LTD without a professional’s support of that decision?
As long as 2 medical professionals have said that I am unable to work, am I not entitled to 2 years coverage, as long as I have a valid disability?

Thank you for any help offered.

Ugh I had a lot of problems with my payments being late over the course of a year. It turned out to be incompetence by my claim manager that didn’t get resolved until my CM went off on vacation without arranging my payment and the main switchboard escalated it to a manager. I would try that tomorrow.

If they want to be a*holes and force you to sue.
I doubt they would though.

You’re entitled to sue if they cut you off without a good reason.

Hi Lola, you are right to be educating yourself on this. The short answer is yes, they can cut you off unexpectedly even if your own doctors support your LTD claim. They actually may have a medical opinion supporting them and you just don’t know about it. They hired behind-the-scenes doctors who review your information and give them an opinion. That happens in almost all LTD claims now, unless the insurance company is really negligent.

Sometimes these delays in payments mean nothing other than an oversight. However, they are often a sign that your claim has been moved to a new status in the insurance company – approved but pending medical opinion or something like that. They may be waiting on an internal medical opinion before approving you going forward. This is just speculation though.

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