Is there a difference if I am managed by claim managers not in Canada?

In this post I am seeking feedback to whether there is a difference in being managed by the Canadian version of my LTD company, versus the American version of my LTD company.

This post has been inspired by a previous post from pureblissyoga, who informed me of the existence of the following list of insurance companies accredited in Canada: (Thank you pureblissyoga)

For most of the existence of my LTD claim, I have been managed by the Canadian version of my insurer, and this company IS on that list. However a few years back, my at the time claim manager announced that my claim was going to be managed by this new person, and since that event I have always been managed from the States, that is, from the American version of the insurance company. That version of the company is NOT on the list.
(That is, previously I was managed by MoonLife of Canada, now I am managed by MoonLife of America, let’s say. In other words: the actual names are different.)

(I should note that my LTD contract mentions only the American version of the company, even tough, my letter of claim acceptance had the sigil of the Canadian version)

Since this change of location of the insurer, I noticed a marked increase in the hostility and mismanagement my claim.

Does the fact that I am being managed from the States, (and by a company not on the above list of accredited companies) make my insurer be less bound by Canadian laws? (For example, very recently I found out that my insurer had contacted my doctor several times, and had engaged him in a medical discussion of my claim.)

Should I ask that my claim be managed by the original Canadian version of the insurer?

Regards, Alecs

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I don’t see why they are not subject to Canadian law.
That doesn’t mean they won’t break the law.
It might be illegal for them to not be on the list but being on the list might only be so they can SELL insurance (I don’t know).

Why is that illegal?

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I will create a new post on that topic shortly, however while not illegal, it is contrary to my contract terms, I beleive.