Is CPP deducted from CPPD monthly benefit payments?

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I recently was approved for CPPD, and my LTD payment was reduced as such. The administrator of the LTD benefits advised that because I am now receiving CPPD benefits, they will no longer deduct CPP from my LTD benefits (they are taxable). I thought you could still contribute to CPP so the amount you receive when you retire is increased. And how do I get CPPD to take CPP off my monthly benefit? When I went to do the voluntary tax deductions through myservicecanada, they only listed federal tax. Also, what percentage of tax should be deducted from your CPPD, in general of course. Thank you.

Hi, CPPD benefits are not subject to CPP deductions. You will get some benefit towards your retirement CPP for months that you are on CPPD.

Depending on when you went off on CPPD, here is the general idea of how it works - don’t quote me on the specific details :slight_smile:

Under the old system your CPP benefits are calculated by dropping a certain percentage of your lowest income months from the calculation, and your CPP amount was based on the average of the remaining higher-paying months. Months that you were getting CPPD were also dropped from the calculation, so that they didn’t count as zero income months against you.

Under the new system (I’m not even sure if it’s in effect yet?) if you started receiving CPPD after it came into effect, then while you are on CPPD you will continue to earn CPP credits for 70% of what you earned before you became disabled.

This change helps people who became disabled before they were able to accumulate many CPP credits.


Oops I didn’t answer your other question. For the taxes I use this calculator to get a rough idea of how much tax I will need to pay. My CPPD goes under “other income”.


Apply for the DTC (Disability Tax Credit) which will lower your tax payable.

Thanks for this info, very helpful.

I have applied just have to wait now. Thank you.

Are you sure the LTD insurer was previously deducting CPP contributions from you? I suggest going back and checking that paperwork. Is it income tax that they were in fact deducting? Once you get CPP-D, the time you are on CPP-D counts towards your CPP Retirement Pension which is good as you will get a better pension. During the time you get LTD benefits only (and not CPP-D) that time does not count towards your CPP Pension and lowers your pension.

My employer issues my Sunlife LTD payments every two weeks and they were deducting all taxes, federal, EI and CPP.

Do you know how CPPD counts towards the retirement pension? What part of the CPPD counts towards or is it just years based off the last amount of a certain amount of years you were paying CPP?

Oh never mind, Caro answered my question above.

Thank you

I forgot about Caro’s answer, so all good.

HOWEVER, I don’t understand your situation. You say they are deducting EI premiums and CPP contributions from your LTD payment. I don’t understand this. My explanation above assumes no CPP contributions during the period of disability. Say you are receiving LTD payments for 1 year. If you applied for EI after that time, I don’t think you would get EI benefits because you would not qualify … you would not have the “worked hours”. So I don’t know why you would have to pay the premium. I could be totally wrong, maybe others have these deductions too, but I do not. And my insurer not deducting them from my LTD payment makes sense to me. There also may be a difference in deductions on STD vs LTD. Maybe on STD there are deductions.

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As a general rule you cannot receive benefits from CPP program and pay into it at the same time.

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Hi there, my employer was issuing my LTD payments for the insurer so I was getting my taxes deducted every two weeks. When I was approved for CPPD, my employer noted that they will administer the original LTD amount less the approved CPPD amount, for the lifetime of my benefits. After I received my CPPD back pay and gave it to the employer they advised that they will no longer be taking CPP off my LTD benefits. So I now understand the whole process.

This makes sense.

This doesn’t make sense.
The CPPD back pay is to cover the period of LTD when you didn’t have CPPD yet.

Going forward your LTD will be reduced by the CPPD amount.
You will get LTD and CPPD but it will total to the amount of LTD before you have CPPD.
This is what happened to me and I suspect it is common.

I should have clarified - after my Original LTD was reduced monthly by my CPPD backpay. The balance of my LTD payment which is issued by my former employer, does not have CPP deducted from it however it DOES still take off fed taxes AND EI.

If your LTD is taxable then taxes make sense (you may be able to get less tax taken off if you have the DTC (Disability Tax Credit)).
EI deducted doesn’t make sense to me.
Maybe @David_Brannen has heard of this.

Exactly, I do not understand why they would take off EI unless its mandatory for all income to, at minimum, deduct EI.