I am thinking of giving up. Too much stress

I think Joanne was saying that provincial support is so crappy that people with any other option at all are usually better off taking that other option.

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Questionnaire is coming. I will keep you all posted. :grinning:

Is the questionnaire for provincial disability?
Best of luck.

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It has not arrived as yet maybe Canada Post lost it because they continuously leave other people’s mail in my mail box.

I’m expecting a letter from the insurance company in Jan that hasn’t arrived yet.
I’m expecting other mail that should have arrived in Jan too.

Does anyone know if mail delivery in Ont will be shutdown Thu too?

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I did not hear anything from Premier Ford. Having said that his recent lockdown has everyone confused.

Canada Post has a poor reputation when it comes to mail delivery. First they blamed the regular mailbox at my home. Now they are blaming their own community mailbox which they installed. It is obvious they do not take responsibility for their actions. :wink: