How to write a winning argument to CPP I am diagnosed with Stage 2 TNBC and I am undergoing Chemotherapy and radiation

Hi there, I am 36 years old and I have TNBC stage 2 grade 3. I haven’t applied for CPP yet and in the middle of doing so with being discouraged of people telling me I won’t get it. I have EI which has now ended. I only just had my first dosing of chemotherapy and am very ill from it. I am atleast out for another year and I have no spouse or financial help. I don’t know how to write a convincing letter to CPP in my case. Help!


I’ll let David answer but I’ll give my opinion.
I think getting EI says you planned to go back to work and CPP-D requires that you not be able to work.
You do plan to go back to work when the chemotherapy is finished so I don’t think CPP-D is the right solution.
Maybe social assistance?
I would suggest phoning Resolute for the free consult.

CPP approvals usually hing on the medical opinions, rather than writing a convincing letter. To get approved your doctors would need to say that 1) you are currently unable to work due to your symptoms, side effects, etc and 2) you will be off work indefinitely. If your doctor gives this type of information you have a high chance of getting approved. In your letter, you need to review your day to day struggles and why you could not function in a workplace. The key in these cases is usually the “prolonged” aspect. So you need your doctor to confirm this is not a short term thing and you will be off work indefinitely or have a risk of death.

David Brannen

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