Disability CPP Not Approved, Yet

I applied for CPP Disability and got a phone call that I meet two requirements - my years of service and my age; however, I’m not sure if my stage of Cancer will meet the requirements for my health. I’m a stage 3A breast cancer still undergoing some treatments. If I’m not approved for CPP Disability and decide to take an early retirement can I just apply for regular CPP? I’m still on LTD.

Appeal, it is worth getting.

CPP-D is better.

You can apply for regular CPP at age 60 and age 65. If you can get CPPD it is best to go for that as it will pay more than taking CPP retirement at age 60. Winning CPP disability is not dependent on your diagnosis per se, rather it dependent on whether your current level of disability is not expected to improve in the foreseeable future (next year or more) or any improvement is indefinite.

David Brannen

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Thanks. It sounds pretty hard to get approval.

It was hard for me, but I kept copies of my applications and resubmitted most of the same info. On the 3rd try in a 3 yr period, I go it. My dr could have helped me by saying I had been so impaired for the precceding number of years and wouldn’t likely improve given all of my treatments I had already tried… Others had a far easier time than I did, while others had a tougher time.
At minimum, if you don’t get it, appeal.
Best wishes in your recovery and treatment

Thanks. I’m pretty sure I will have to appeal. I may end up having to either try to return to work for a short while or just take an early retirement. I’m only a little over a year from full retirement anyway. Glad you won your appeal.

It’s still worth getting.
It should be back dated to when you first became disabled.