Can you work while waiting for CPP approval

I went off work in Jan. 2018 due to health issues. I have used up my EI sick benefits (had used portion from last year due to shingles). I am due to start back to work in two days but my doctor is concerned about my abilities to return to any type of work at this time, so he encouraged me to apply for CPP. Am I allowed to work while waiting on a decision? On the forms regarding last day worked, do I put in my last day before receiving EI? I am unsure of return to work section as I am returning, but only because I have no other income. Or do I fill out the section stating that I am currently working? I just wondered if it would be considered back pay to date it back to January when I initially went off with sick benefits?
In the section "Medical Information " the first line is 16. When could you no longer work because of your medical condition? Do I put January 20, 2018?

Do you have Long Term Disability coverage through work?
Did you apply for CPP or CPP Disability?

I do not have LTD through my work, I am part time casual. I have the forms for CPP disability and I’m in the process of applying.

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Applying for CPP-D is ok but applying to regular CPP early might be a problem.

Your disability needs to be “prolonged” and “severe” so you probably shouldn’t be able to work.
I think you would be better to get one of the provincial support programs (welfare) while you’re waiting.
I think you should get a legal opinion: Disability Lawyer Free Consultation

Yes, the day you were last at work.

I don’t have that on my forms.
These are the forms:
Disability Kit Contents:

  • A booklet “General Information and Guide to help you complete your
    application for Disability Benefits Canada Pension Plan”
    (SC ISP-1150)
  • An Application for Disability Benefits Canada Pension Plan
    (SC ISP-1151)
  • A Canada Pension Plan Child Rearing Provision form
    (SC ISP-1640)
  • A Questionnaire for Disability Benefits Canada Pension Plan
    (SC ISP-2507)
  • Two Consent for Service Canada to Obtain Personal Information forms
    (SC ISP-2502A, SC ISP-2502B)
  • A Medical Report form
    (SC ISP-2519)

I am sorry you are struggling.
I suggest you contact Service Canada to ask for financial help and explain your EI expired but your DR has said you cannot work. Service CAnada can also help you fill out the forms for CPP-D, which can be very overwhelming. Google “service canada” for your province and you will get a list of locations you can call or go to in person.
Local crisis agencies should also be able to help with short term money and food.

In my experience, If you you are still working when applying for CPPD it will trigger an automatic denial from Service Canada. Not to say you can’t win this on appeal because it is possible to do minimal work and still qualify for CPPD, but it usually takes an approval from the Social Security Tribunal for that to happen.

Your last day of work should be the last day you actually worked. if you are till working, you would need to indicate that, but you should provide an explaination that the last time you could work full time was_____.

If you received Regular EI, then the last day worked would still be the day you were last on a job site, but again you would need to confirm that you continued to consider yourself ready and willing to work during the Regular EI period. If you only got EI Sickness, then you would put the last day of work before the EI Sickness period.

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