How long is CPP-D approved for?

Not there yet but I thought I ask folks on this forum who have been approved. I know that DTC has a duration and you need to reapply, is that the case with CPP-D too? I mean folks with chronic conditions with poor prognosis, do they have to reapply after a certain number of years or do they have to submit any kind of forms on a regular basis (medical reports, longitudinal notes) filled by their GP/Specialist or is there a separate update form they fill now and then. What sort of contact have you had with Service Canada approval. Thanks in advance!

No, there is no need to reapply for CPP disability. Once you are approved, you are approved for life. However, you may need to provide follow-up medical information if asked, but this is quite rare. According to (

Every year about five per cent of all CPP Disability beneficiaries are reassessed. How Does HRDC Reassess a Client? Every reassessment is done individually and HRDC needs current information to do this. A personalized letter is sent to the client asking for up-to-date information. HRDC also seeks medical information from the client’s doctor. Reassessments may result in the stopping of some disability benefits, although benefits continue in three out of four cases. By finding ineligible clients early, HRDC helps them avoid burdensome repayments to the CPP.

I interpret that as basically 5% of people (4 out of 80 people) are contacted each year, and of those 4 people only 1 has their benefits discontinued. In other words, approx 1 out of 80 people have their CPP benefits discontinued per year. Therefore, discontinuation is quite rare. The reason why this number is so low is because it is very difficult to get on CPP. You must prove, with medical evidence, that your disability is “Severe and Prolonged”. Severe is defined by law as someone who is incapable regularly of pursuing any substantial gainful occupation. Prolonged, means that the claimant will suffer a disability that is likely to continue for an indefinite duration or until that claimant dies. This is a very tough standard to meet, higher than the standard for LTD benefits or provincial disability.

Now that 5% figure includes everyone, even people like quadraplegics or dementia patients who the CPP will never reassess, so the figure is likely higher for someone who does not have a permanent injury. So I wouldn’t expect to only be reassessed once every 20 years. But probably somewhere closer to every 10 years might be reasonable. It probably depends on the severity of the persons illness, their age and other factors. Hope this helps you somewhat. Bottom line - don’t lose any sleep worrying about CPP contacting you, it likely won’t happen for a very long time after your initial approval.

Thank you so much Adam!

With CPP disability, once approved you will remain on the benefit until age 65 as long as you remain eligible under their qualifying criteria. If you return to work or school for example, the benefit will be cut off. Once you turn 65, the benefit is transferred to your regular CPP for the remainder of your life.

Thanks Jen! much appreciated.

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