CPP-D denied. DTC approved. Feeling frustrated

I’m 35 diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I applied for both CPP Disability and the DTC on March 1st 2018. I received an approval letter for the DTC on March 20.
I received a phone call from service canada two days ago stating that my claim was denied and I would get a letter in the mail explaining how the decision was made and how to appeal. I receive LTD benefits from my employers plan.
The reasoning stated was: …does not have a disability that is severe and prolonged as defined under the CPP legislation.

I was diagnosed with MS in March 2015. I had been off of work since November 2014 awaiting a neurologist appointment (in Feb 2015) as my family doctor and myself suspected Carpal Tunnel. It ended up being multiple sclerosis and my health and capabilities continued to decline.
My LTD sent a letter saying I no longer qualify under the “own occupation” and meet the “Any occupation” clause as I’m unable to do any occupation with gainful employment.

I’m aware of the high percentage of denials in regard to CPP-D. However I’m confused as to how I can be disabled enough for DTC but not the CPP-D.
There is no cure for MS, it’s a debilitating disease that you don’t recover from like a headache.

I’m at a loss right now. The wind has been completely taken out of my sail. Any ideas of what to do would be greatly appreciated.

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You do qualify for CPP-D but they want you to give up and not appeal.

Don’t give up.
Read the articles here:

Same here. I was approved for DTC and LTD beyond 2 year mark but denied twice on CPPD. They gave me the same explanation.

Have you gone through your reconsideration process?

Yes and was denied. At a Tribunal stage now.

I guess my advice is to trust your lawyer.
Best of luck.

Each agency makes an independent assessment based on the paperwork and documents in their own file. It is possible the documents you provided to CPPD are not sufficient. They may not have all the information that your LTD insurer has. CPPD may not have the medical certificate your doctor provided to DTC, etc.

I expect there is just a gap in information and once you provide that to Service Canada during your appeals, your CPPD will be approved.

David Brannen

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Check this link for MS https://mssociety.ca/library/document/7y12efUgEiZY5B9SuDTbcnCImhOA3XNl/original.pdf


That’s a FANTASTIC resource from the Multiple Sclerosis Society! It does a great job describing the CPP Disability program and provides wonderful examples specific for people suffering from MS who are applying for CPP Disability. It’s one of the BEST TIPs I’ve seen on the site! Thanks so much Allyoops!!!

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Apologies for not repling sooner. Extreme warm temperatures and MS don’t mix.
Thank you for that fantastic resource from the MS Society.
I had mailed out both applications on the same day, with copies of similar items. I’m just about to do my letter for reconsideration and ask for my reasoning as to why I was denied.
Thank you all for your information as it will assist greatly.
I will update as the process progresses.


UPDATE CPP-D Approved!

I sent in a request for reconsideration at the end of August, I received a letter of acceptance today (Nov. 27), dated Nov. 22. Probably arrived late because of the rotating strikes by Canada post.

Either way, I’m quite happy. A huge weight off my shoulders.
Never Give Up!


Great news, congrats.

Congrats ! That is exactly what happened to us we recieved the news nov 10 and get our retro ( now remember which I did not understand you don’t get any retro for 4 months for us our approval was from April however April May June July we don’t receive retro for so we only got it for August sept October and November and gets put in the bank dec 3 ! We were surprised by the approval as I was reading even at reconsideration stages most were not successful
It surely helps lesson the worry !
Best of luck and once again congrats

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