How long after LTD claim approved does the first monthly payment arrive?

I know it probably varies by company. I will be having my benefit ‘re-instated’ (although I never got it before in the first place), and a retroactive lump sum payment. I know the retro pay will take 2-3 weeks, but forgot to ask when the first regular payment will be. And does the benefit payment come from the insurance company or through my employer as it is group insurance through work?

Also, how do I edit or delete a previous post? I’ve mentioned my insurer’s name before and would like to get rid of that. I don’t seem to have an edit option.

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My LTD is paid the last day of the month.
It seems likely it would be the same between companies.

If it is LTD, it is paid by the insurance company.
Your employer is out of the loop (at least mine is).

Thanks jammer. No pencil for me - perhaps because I’m on my phone. Will try when I get access to my desktop.

Well that’s good news, as my payroll department is through Phoenix so Lord only knows how much more of a delay that would be! :laughing:


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My retired friend doesn’t get his pension through Phoenix but I think his pay would be if he was working.

Ok I did get the pencil icon on this newest post, but I think perhaps there’s a time limit as the older posts I wanted to change don’t have it. Ah well, no biggie I suppose.

Yes, Phoenix is a whole other mess…I’ve had an open case for a year now due to a small retro pay issue - I feel for those with much bigger cases who haven’t been paid at all and the summer students who didn’t get paid in time for university.

You can push the … button and then the flag button and then the other button to get the attention of an admin who can probably delete the old post.

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Also ltd makes a big difference in if you paid the premium on it 100 percent Your tax free as well But if your employer paid some partial then itll be taxable just a heads up G.L

Hard to believe this was 10 months ago already…where has this year gone? Although I am still struggling with illness, I am so glad to be past some of the fight related to LTD of a year ago. :slight_smile: